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Stamtavla för labrador retriever / Pedigree for labrador retriever
Efter/Sire: SE U(U)CH Annual's On Guard
Undan/Dam: SE VCH Besure's Candy Girl

SE U(U)CH Annual's On Guard (s) FI UCH Loresho Ozzie (s) EE CH FI UCH INT UCH Bubbling Churchill LU CH NL CH Lejie Royal Mail GB SHCH Rocheby Royal Oak (g)
Lejie Lovely Lady
FI UCH Loresho Oystercatcher FI UCH Charway Sea Badger (s)
Mallorn's Applesauce (b)
FI UCH Mallorn's Jersey Sour Cambremer Star Trekker ej reg/not reg:
ej reg/not reg:
Mallorn's Aprilfool ej reg/not reg:
ej reg/not reg:
Annual's Electric Girl (s) Jayncourt Star-Exelance (s) GB CH Sandylands My Guy (s) GB CH Kupros Master Mariner (s)
Sandylands Bramble (s)
Jayncourt Star Suprise Jayncourt Star-Topper
Jayncourt Peace
Annual's Dancing Star (g) Jayncourt Royal Star (g) GB SHCH Sandylands Royal Escort
Jayncourt Star-Quality
Annual's What A Witch (s) GB SHCH Carpenny Chevalier (g)
SE UCH Aroscas Country Lass (s)
SE VCH Besure's Candy Girl (g) SE U(U)CH Carpenny Hurricane (g) CA CH Kisinana Honeybear US CH Davoeg's Irish Gold US CH Monarch's Black Arrogance
Briary Marzipan
Wimbernay's Petsara Sola CA CH Takkawan's Peter at Wimbernay
CA CH Wimberway's Tincole Tisara
GB SHCH Covetwood Elouise of Carpenny (g) GB CH Carpenny Bonhomie (g) GB CH Trenow Brigadier (g)
Carpenny Camargue
Cranspire Careless Whisper Raybooth Cream Cracker
Cranspire Lace
Nightshadow's Born to Be Loved (s) SE UCH NO UCH Trendmaker's Shades of Balance (s) SE V-91 NORD UCH Guideline's Copyright (s) GB SHCH Rocheby Royal Oak (g)
Cambremer Copy Cat (s)
Blondella Balanced Shades (s) GB SHCH Blondella Balance (s)
Shade's of Blondella
Nightshadow's Born to Mulltiply (s) NO UCH FI UCH Tweedledum Murphy S Law (s) GB CH US CH CA CH Beechcrofts Danish Skydiver
Jayncourt Jingle Jangle
Nightshadow's Yellow Star (g) Midnight-Son (s)
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