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Stamtavla för labrador retriever / Pedigree for labrador retriever
Efter/Sire: Searover Cary
Undan/Dam: Askrikes Tamara

Searover Cary (s) Manymills Jonah (s) Lettermore Noah GB FTCH Pocklea Remus (s) GB FTCH Haretor Mark of Drakeshead
IE FTCH Drakeshead Gypsy
Lettermore Hope GB FTCH Carnochway Daniel
Lettermore May
Manymills Penny Sealpin Peregrine GB FTCH Palgrave Quin (s)
Manymills Molly
Manymills Heather Manymills Heron
Manymills Gay
SE JCH Rockdove's Regardless Tidy (s) Brookmoor Black Brando (s) Newgrange Dance of Muninn (s) IE FTCH GB FTCH Tasco Dan
Palgrave Nancy
Muninn Little Wonder Swinbrook Boss
Kenswick Sheila
NORD JCH Rockdove's Black Velvet (s) SE JCH GB FTCH Haretor Shadow of Drakeshead (s) GB FTCH Haretor Abel of Bellever
Haretor Smiler
NORD JCH Iliadens Kassiopeia (s) Manymills Electron (s)
SE JCH Iliadens Antigone (s)
Askrikes Tamara (s) SE JCH Searover Singel-Skye (s) Sparkfield Skye (s) Shane (s) Kenstaff Andy of Drakeshead (s)
Palgrave Kitty (s)
DK JCH Sparkfield Joyce (s) Swinbrook Boss
DK JCH Blackharn Brett (s)
SE JCH Searover Jeanne D'arc (s) DK JCH Sparkfield Tobias (s) GB FTCH Tibea Tosh (s)
Glenloch Snipe (s)
NO JCH LP SE JCH Classical Star-Light (s) NO JCH SE JCH Iliadens Haimon (s)
Guns Choice Fetch-It (g)
Fieldcourt Quiff (s) GB FTCH Cottismor Accord GB FTCH Shinshail Apache Combe Castle Chilbrook
Hollyberry Teal
Lumsbank Bramble GB FTCH Drakeshead Tinker
Clevedale Fawn of Lumsbank
Keness Milou Brown of Holbatch GB FTCH Ben of Westhope
Sytchampton Jessie
Tara of The Hill Dick of Holbatch
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