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Stamtavla för labrador retriever / Pedigree for labrador retriever
Efter/Sire: SE U(U)CH Guideline's One Size Fits All
Undan/Dam: Bumpkin's Tender Kiss

SE U(U)CH Guideline's One Size Fits All (s) Winnie's Frank Zappa (s) Tormentil Globetrotter (g) Guideline's Dice On Ice (g) Musical's Crest of The Waves (s)
NO UCH Fieldvalley's Din Kopia (g)
Toplicht Fleur's Charlee My Girl BE&LU CH FR JCH INT UCH CH UCH FR CH Carromer's Charlie Chalk
Toplicht Bonny's Amber Fleur
SE U(U)CH Winnie's Fresno Cat Circle (s) Winnie's Frankfurter Team (s) Fieldvalley's Fabianco (s)
Novacroft Madeleine (s)
Winnie's Scarabeé (s) SE UCH Novacroft Mixedspice (s)
Winnie's Kamé (s)
Guideline's Welladay (s) SE U(U)CH Cambremer Wellington (s) Hawksmoors Webster (s) US CH Dickendall Arnold (s)
Hawksmoors Ravens Flight
Cambremer Jazzmine (s) Charway Uncle Tom (s)
GB SHCH Cambremer All That Jazz (s)
Diver's Coral Reef (s) Fieldvalley's Fabianco (s) NO UCH Lundsidens Alex (s)
NO UCH Fieldvalley's Alina Mertoun (s)
SE UCH Guideline's Peep Show (s) SE UCH Foxrush Pinnochio (g)
Guideline's Chin Wagger (s)
Bumpkin's Tender Kiss (g) NO V-97 SE U(U)CH NO UCH Mambrinos Triumph (g) SE V-91 NORD UCH Guideline's Copyright (s) GB SHCH Rocheby Royal Oak (g) Poolstead Pretentious at Rocheby (g)
GB SHCH Rocheby Acorn (g)
Cambremer Copy Cat (s) GB CH Kupros Master Mariner (s)
Cambremer Montclair
KBH V-96 NO V-98 NO UCH Mambrinos Celebration (g) NO UCH Narjana's Thord GB CH Trenow Brigadier (g)
NO UCH Narjana's Faiscah
NO UCH Gretel's Haizel (g) NO UCH Surprising's Mathias (g)
Gretel's Ellymy (s)
Bumpkin's Tiger Kissed (g) SE U(U)CH Rocheby North Light (g) Rocheby Navy Blue (s) Rocheby Sailing By (s)
GB SHCH Cambremer Royal Velvet at Rocheby
Rocheby Copper Coin Blackfyne Rambler
GB SHCH Rocheby Acorn (g)
Bumpkin's Delightful Amber (g) NO UCH FI UCH Tweedledum Murphy S Law (s) GB CH US CH CA CH Beechcrofts Danish Skydiver
Jayncourt Jingle Jangle
Bumpkin's Queens Delight (s) Aroscas Amazing Forestmaster (s)
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