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Stamtavla för labrador retriever / Pedigree for labrador retriever
Efter/Sire: Goody-Goody's Supermoon
Undan/Dam: Goody-Goody's Miss Macadamia

Goody-Goody's Supermoon (s) Perfect Partner at Goodygoodys (g) US CH Dickendall Davaron Gable (s) US CH Dickendall Arnold (s) US CH Dickendalls Ruffy (s)
Dickendalls A-Ha
Wolvercote Gaity Girl GB SHCH Sandylands Gad-About (g)
Kimvalley Geisha Girl at Wolvercote
Belquest It Was Worth It US CH Tabatha's Hunterleigh Riot Scent Trails Tug of War
US CH Tabatha's Morning Chat
US CH Belquest Worth The Risk Hennings Mill Frost Warning
US CH Beautawn's Importer
Windswepthill La Prima Agenda (s) US CH Wiscoys Robin US CH Weathertop El Nino (s) US CH CA CH Beechcroft's Regal Air
US CH Beechcrofts Weathertop Wind (s)
Wiscoys Irish Lace of Brimar Wiscoys Noah
Chablais Make A Wish at Wiscoy
Waifin's Hidden Agenda (s) NORD V-99 NL CH Trendmaker's Tycoon (s) NORD UCH INT UCH Trendmaker's Mugwump (s)
Trendmaker's Traffic Jam (s)
US CH Waifin's High Flying Adored US CH Dickendall Arnold (s)
US CH Wiscoy Disguise The Limit
Goody-Goody's Miss Macadamia (b) Windswepthill Brother Benjamin (b) US CH Belquest All About Th Benjamns Dickendall Davaron Anslo US CH Dickendall Arnold (s)
Waterbound River Witch
US CH Waterberry Fortune Cookie US CH Tabatha's Rollick at Carowby (s)
Centre Court School Marm
Belquest Fudge Tonmar Lobuff Mr Beaver Brown Tonmar's Summer Shanley
Stoneway Babbitt Hill Bound
Pipeline Teal Rocheby Out Rigger
Pipeline Pepsi Challenge
Goody-Goody's Rosette (b) Lab Treasure's Unlimited (s) SE U(U)CH DK UCH INT UCH Gowanvale Balance (s) GB CH Naiken Kris
Oulsmi Runaway to Gowanvale
Lab Treasure's Eminence Lab Treasure's Born to Be Wild (b)
Lab Treasure's Always On My Mind (s)
Goody-Goody's Honey Honey (b) O'Sofinas Chrysler (s) Bubbling Gandhi (b)
O'Sofinas Kimberley (s)
Goody-Goody's Hot Chocolate (b) Goody-Goody's Golden Town (g)
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